Earthrealm is one of many realms that were formed after the Elder Gods shattered the One Being. In the Mortal Kombat universe, Earthrealm has been the target of frequent attempts at conquest, because it is thought to be the jewel of the cosmos and an important universal power node. Because of this, the Elder Gods have appointed a deity to protect the realm from harm. Edit


Earthrealm as it appeared mk deception

When Shujinko found Earthrealms Kamidogu he leaves Earthrealm.

Earthrealm VillageEdit


Eathrealm Village appeared in mk Deception and its the location of konquest gameplay.There is shujinkos home and from there he began his quest for 6 Kamidogus. Once Shujinko leaves this village, it is no longer accessible in the game.

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